• Extras are anything you want added to a page or site that is not specified in the packages.

  • Item #19 $65.00
    Extra pages
    Item #20 $39.00/hour
    Large custom Logo
    Item #21 $49.00/hour
    Custom Graphics

    Item #22 $270.00
    Site Maintenance 6 month
    Each month your page is on contract you can get up to 6 new items (normal graphics, links, or clip art) added to, or modified on your existing pages designed by Jetcore. 
    Item #23 $50.00/Month
    After the 6 months is up, you can renew your contract or go monthly


    Item #24 $100.00/month
    Search Engine Positioning
    Our engine tec will design the structure of your site to lift you to the a very visable part of the engines.
    Item #25 $30.00
    Upgrd Page with Phone call button (intl calling).
    Item #26 $60.00
    Upgrd Page With e-commerce.
    Item #27 $30.00
    Upgrade Page to form.